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There are tables of PMBus commands, and links that help generate protocol diagrams, interpret protocol results, and give example code. The example code is all based on the SMBus API for Linux, and it also uses PEC. There is no particular reason for Linux, other than one can buy a Rasperian Pi on the cheap and try out code. You can also find tools for decoding fault logs.

What if you are new to PMBus?

I2C, SMBus, and PMBus are all standards, so there are specifications:

  1. I2C Specification
  2. SMBus Specification
  3. PMBus Specification Part 1 (1.2)
  4. PMBus Specification Part 2 (1.2)

If you need PMBus 1.3, you will need to join the pmbus org or ask for them by e-mail. For our purposes, the basics are the same.

How to get help

You can contact Michael Jones at Michael dash A1 dot Jones at analog dot com. General PMBus questions are answered through the PMBus organization. Head over to PMbus Org and check out the Resources Menu.


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